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In the treatment room, you will find a cozy table, relaxing music, and total privacy – so that you can let go of the tensions of your day. A private bathroom is located within the suite for your use at any time.  (A clean, snuggly robe is provided if you need to take a rest break during your session.)

Before we get started, I will ask you to fill out a brief health history. Feel free to print this form and complete it before you arrive.  If not, it will be provided when you come in.  With this complete, together we decide what the purpose of the session will be (for example, “reduce stress” or “help with my hip pain”.) I may ask to observe you walk or move to gain information about a specific area of trouble.

Once we have agreed on what will be addressed in the session, I will leave the room and ask that you undress to your comfort level – you might be fully clothed, just underwear, or naked, according to your preference. You will then get under the sheet on the table. Each area to be addressed will be uncovered, worked on, and then recovered. Your privacy will be preserved at all times. At first, I will check in with you about what pressure feels best to you. Then you can drift into a relaxed state, knowing that at any time, you are free to request a change in pressure, a blanket, more air-conditioning, whatever you require to be comfortable.

When the session is completed, I will leave the room and wait for you in the next room.  After you dress, simply join me for payment, checking in, and rescheduling, if you wish.