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Pamela Hale, LMBT, is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill (English Lit) and the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC.  Licensed since 2003, Pam is a professional member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.  Her specialties include hot stones, deep tissue, reflexology, fascia work and Craniosacral Therapy.

Over the years of her career, Pam has completed many additional classes, well above the minimum required continuing education for licensure in North Carolina. Several of these classes with gifted teachers include: Hot Stones with Eric Stevenson; Integrative Reflexology with Claire Marie Miller; Fascia work with Dhiresha Marshall; Medical Massage for the core and abdomen with Ralph Stephens; Mirror Image Acupressure with Malik Lawrence; CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute and Tad Wanveer; Advanced Myofascial Therapy with John McKelvey at Body Therapy Institute

She incorporates all of this training as needed for a customized approach to each and every session.

Types of Body Work

Pamela’s therapeutic specialties, tailored to your needs, are listed below. 
Since each session is customized to your individual needs, techniques are combined to achieve optimum results.

Click on the name of each specialty for details

  • Ancient basalt stones, smoothed by glaciers and pounding seas, are heated to near boiling, then briefly cooled in clear water, towel dried and rubbed over sore & achy muscles with organic and scented oils. The direct heat of the stones greatly increases circulation locally, and soothes the nervous system all over.  Cold stones are used in combination with the heated ones to release deep muscle spasms and splinting from injury. Because it is combined with deep pressure to release fascia and trigger points, unless requested otherwise, muscles are reset and often recover lost strength and flexibility within 48 hours. 90 minutes suggested.


  • This ancient healing technique is based on Chinese meridian theory and addresses the entire body through the feet.  It is deeply relaxing, feels wonderful and promotes a healthy body.

  • Pamela is a runner herself and works with a variety of athletes to improve performance and recover from injuries and strains. Certified in 2014 in Advanced Myofascial Therapy, her experience with multiple modalities including deep tissue manipulation, trigger points, muscle release and fascia work combines to free restricted muscles, clear soreness and restore balance and individuation to muscle groups for optimal performance.   Active participation is usually required for this form of body work (engaging and moving individual muscles or groups to facilitate rebalancing). This work is said to be “Sensation Filled” and quite intense as soreness is uncovered and released from tissues.

  • The gentle but deep hypnotic touch of craniosacral therapy offers a reset for your entire system. Pamela has trained in this work for years and continues to deepen her knowledge with both education and experience. With specific training for intraoral work to relieve TMJ discomfort and other jaw imbalances caused by restricted muscle and fascia, Pamela has seen great success for her clients with this work.

  • After the rigors of pregnancy, get back to being your self & feel energized.  Taking good care of you increases your inner resources that you will need to give to your growing family.  Aching hips and back are thoroughly addressed to ease soreness and regain balance and strength.  Tired shoulders, arms and hands are restored and energized for the many tasks to come.  Feet and legs need a variety of work to reduce swelling and ease strained muscles from the sudden shifts in weight of pregnancy and delivery. The abdomen is carefully & gently worked to encourage muscle tone and restore proper position of organs.  Head, face and neck are addressed as well – you will be surprised how good this feels and how much tension is stored in this delicate are of the body.  At least 90 minutes is suggested for this thorough restorative session.

  • If you have a muscular or soft tissue problem that has resisted multiple treatments from massage, trigger points and other therapies, this may be for you.  Deeply relaxing and usually gentle (although sometimes quite intense), fascia work addresses connective tissue that has been restricted through surgery, injury or habitual patterning.  A series of three or four treatments over a few weeks may be suggested to achieve optimal results for a long-standing problem.  Together we will also look at patterns of movement that may be at the heart of the problem.  Slight or major changes may be suggested to help avoid the return of imbalance.  Circulation is enhanced as well as flexibility for most people. Benefits can be enjoyed for days and ofter for much longer.

    A long session is recommended of 90 minutes or more.


To maximize the benefits of your bodywork…


Begin to hydrate a day or two before (drink more water and eat hydrating foods). It will be much more comfortable to receive the work and the extra water will help your body eliminate any toxins stirred up by pressure and increased circulation

Get some movement. The day or so before bodywork is a perfect time to start a new activity (but don’t get too crazy) Any soreness from new movement will probably dissipate more quickly, and the extra circulation from movement will help your body prepare for and integrate changes.

Think about any positive changes you would like from your bodywork session (emotional, physical, existential, etc.) and share that as an “intention” or focus for the session.


Drinking more water is important to do after as well, so I will get you started with a cool glass of spring water. 

Planning a bit of down time or at least easing back into your day is a good idea.  The surroundings of the office are quiet and woodsy, so just spending a quiet few minutes in your car can be perfect.  You may be a little wiped out and hungry, so bring a healthy snack to bring yourself back into focus.  If possible, take as long as you can to just relax and enjoy.


Borderline Magic Services are available by appointment only.
Our hours of operation are:  Mon-Sat 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Therapeutic Rates

60 minutes  $100
90 minutes $120
120 minutes  $150

All times stated are for the time “on the table”.  Additional time is allowed for changing clothes, scheduling & etc.  An hour session is truly 60 minutes.